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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Top 10 Innovations in PeopleSoft 9.2 – 3 Enhanced Self Service in SRM

The major improvement part in PeopleSoft SRM 9.2 is the automation of supplier on-boarding process. Say bye to the old process of filling form, emails, phone calls and fax. Now with the new release everything is automated and supplier can added to the system by a step-by step process automated based on your business need. We can even set configurable approval process before the supplier is made active.

eProcurement is made more intuitive by providing a common shopping site experience, where in you could search or scroll by the products and add them to the cart and finally prepare an order for the selected items. With the integration with SES, searching for the product has became much easier. The same feature is available with mobile application also which is further more colorful and attractive

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