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Friday 27 March 2015

Bulk Modification in PeopleSoft

Recently in one of the technical forum I had seen one member raising a question of whether it is possible to modify a Record in bulk? And he was thinking of SQL commands to update the metadata to insert fields bulkily into many records. Though this is not a common scenario, still these things can happen to you as well whether it is driven by the business requirement or because you have used wrong naming conventions during the development stage.

Luckily there is a resort provided by People Tools to overcome some of such scenarios. Most of you might not be used to it owing to the obvious reason of it is not a common scenario that comes up. In this post I would like to mention about some of such options available from the People Tools.

The bulk operations provided by People Tools includes the below actions.
1.       Bulk insert of Fields into records
2.       Bulk insert of Record Fields into pages
3.       Bulk insert of Fields into records and pages
4.       Bulk modification of Record Fields
5.       Bulk modification of Page Fields
6.       Bulk deletion of Fields

I am not going to explain here in detail about each of the options as it can be easily understood from the name and it is well documented in People Books. Those interested in knowing additional details about the feature may refer the People Books in the link provided below.

These options can be availed by logging into Application Designer. You would be able to see these options only if you have PeopleSoft Administrator role in your profile.

All these operations can be found under the Tools Menu of the Application Designer. Tools > Bulk Operations > [Insert] [Modify] [Delete]

PeopleSoft Bulk Modification - Application Designer

Most of these actions are based on a model field which is assumed to be present in the page or record and when the system inserts new fields into the page or record all the properties of the model field is copied into the new field. Before starting the bulk changes it is advised that you create a project containing all your records and fields present in it. Once the system completes the bulk inserts or modifications, then it is easier for you to just alter the project instead of altering each individual records associated with it.