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Friday 9 April 2021

People Tools 8.59 Highlights

Watch the video highlights published by Oracle for People Tools 8.59 release. PeopleSoft goes more modern than ever. Great features and improvements.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.57 Available – More Fluid Capabilities

People Tools 8.57 is now available with lot many new capabilities. I would like to highlight some of the features that excites me. For the full list of features, I would recommend you to read Oracle’s official documentation on People Tools. You can also view the Youtube 8.57 Highlights video posted by Oracle to get a quick idea on 8.57. The Tools 8.57 is first released in the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

1.       Thresholds – Thresholds allows users to get notifications if certain criteria is met. Say for example if the total expense of a department exceeds a pre-defined limit, you will get a notification alerting the same. The beauty of thresholds is that it can be configured online using the pivot grids. It will also show a visual representation. Notifications are sent via push notifications or emails and can be scheduled based on desired frequency.

2.        Drop Zones – This is another exciting feature which allows you to introduce custom fields or other form elements to the delivered PeopleSoft application pages without having to make the page customized. The drop zones are managed via stub sub-pages delivered by the PeopleSoft. You could create your own sub-pages with the desired content on it and this subpage could replace the PeopleSoft delivered stub sub-pages at run time making it possible to show your content on PeopleSoft delivered pages without having to customize the page. Currently you could place the content only on the pages for which Oracle delivers stub sub-pages.

3.       Multi-select facets for search – This is a greatly beneficial feature if you use People Tools Search framework extensively to find data.  The multi select feature will help you to filter and find the desired results quickly by selecting multiple facets. This will provide an experience similar to most modern web pages.

4.       Fluid Grid Enhancements – You can now download data from grid into excel sheets, can have custom sorting applied which can be saved to persist and have a better grid search functionality.

5.       Popup Menu in Fluid – You can now have popup menus in fluid for any actions or navigational needs.

6.       Fluid Page Preview – If you are a fluid developer, this may be of something that could interest you. Application designer now provide a preview option for fluid pages that allows you to verify that all your layouts works as expected.

7.       Dynamic Page Field Masking – If you have requirement to mask data based on the user role or profile dynamically, this may of something that interests you. People Tools 8.57 provides you a new method to dynamically mask the field value in the specified format.

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Friday 13 October 2017

PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator

This is a new tool delivered by PeopleSoft available currently in FSCM and HCM products. This cool new tool allows you to eliminate customization of the delivered application pages for minor changes such as field label change or making a field invisible and so on.

Yes, you have read that right. J The Page and Field Configurator allows you to customize the PeopleSoft pages without having modify the delivered code or metadata and hence these changes won’t be flagged as a customization. This further benefits you in up taking any patch/features from the PeopleSoft PUM images as you would not have to go through the customization impact analysis/testing/retrofitting etc and it tremendously reduces your time and cost associated with these processes.

The way this feature works is via configurations. You can define the Page or Page Field custom changes as configurations in the PIA and the same will take effect immediately when you activate the configurations. The Page and Field Utility currently allows the following Page/ Page Field modifications:

  • Changing Label of Page Fields
  • Hiding Page Fields
  • Graying out Page Fields
  • Setting a field as a Required Field
  • Setting default Values to fields
  • Hiding/Un-hiding entire page in a component
  • Making entire page in a component as display only

The utility also allows you to define multiple configurations for a component via criteria. i.e. for each criteria you define for the component you can associate a different custom changes. For example if the Status of a particular field is ‘Pending’ you may want to hide certain fields and when the status changes to ‘Active’ you may want to display those fields but grayed out. It also provides the capability to assign these configurations selectively for each user/role as you define based on the business needs.

To get more idea on the feature you can watch the below video published by Oracle.

The feature is released on HCM Image# 24 and FSCM Image# 25. To use this feature you would need a minimum People Tools version of 8.55.15.