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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Top 10 Innovations in PeopleSoft 9.2 – 2 PeopleSoft Update Manager

Of all the innovations done with the release 9.2 this is my favorite. With the new PeopleSoft Update Manager, it is totally going to change the way how you maintain your system. You no need to apply any more bundles or maintenance packs for just one bug you have reported with the oracle. Yes, its true. Now with the new system, you can select which all bugs needs to be applied and the system will automatically create a change package which you can apply blindly. Wait; did I say blindly? Yes because you no more have to apply the pre-requisites or post-requisites. Whenever you select your bug, the system will automatically select the pre-requisites required and the same will also be included in the change package created for you. So you can directly apply the package.  And with the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) you can easily do the regression testing on your test database.

For selecting the bug, PeopleSoft will be providing you the latest image which contains all the fixes and enhancements and you can choose whichever you want to implement. Really reducing your Total Cost of Ownership and innovative. Isn’t it?

Check out the video at youtube.


  1. Every client I have is completely infuriated by having this crap bomb dropped on them.

    1. This is entirely a new methodology in maintaining the PeopleSoft applications. I can see that the customer frustration is nothing more than the resistance to change. ERP users had the same frustration when they moved from the paper file system to computer based ERP system. In the long run, the very same customers are going to hail and reap the benefits of it.


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