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Tuesday 16 April 2013

Setting up Custom Welcome Message at PeopleSoft sign on page

Many a times at production systems we were badly in need for a welcome/outage message in the peoplesoft sign on page. This is heavily required if you have a scheduled maintenance every week and need to intimate this to the user in the welcome page rather than letting the users create a helpdesk ticket. There can be other cases where yearend processing is happening and the access to modules are restricted to users; in this event also the welcome message will be highly helpful.  With tools release 8.51 onwards PeopleSoft has brought in the option to configure display message via PIA itself.

Earlier people used to customize the html files to achieve this functionality. This is a highly risky process and only very limited people will be having access to the webserver and all these things together makes it a difficult task.

The login page which you see resides in a html file called signin.html in webserver located under the below directory.


If you open the html file you check for the portion below password box and put your custom message. Yes. It requires you to understand HTML and other scripting.

With the new feature brought in by PeopleSoft you can set your on welcome message without any code changes or technical knowhow. Peoplesoft has provided an online page where you can give your welcome message and the time frame to display that message. Another advantage is you can create a list of messages for each date time and set it once so that you need not login and set the message every time.

To access this feature, on the PIA navigate to: People Tools > Utilities > Administration > SignOn Event Message

Click on the plus button on the grid to create new message. If you are planning to edit the existing message, you can click on View/Edit hyper link.

On the secondary page which is displayed, you can provide your own welcome/outage message and also provide the timeframe during which the message should be displayed. Once you save it, you are done and good to go. Simple isn’t it?


  1. Can we pass dynamic values like employee name ?

    1. I am afraid that the answer may be NO. If you want to pass something dynamic then I think you may have to fall back to the option of customization. This post was about showing message on the Sign On page and I wonder how would you know which employee is it prior to logging in to the application, to display the employee name. I suppose you would be using the machine details to get the name but even then another employee could use the same machine. Possibility always exists. To cut short, the Answer to your problem will be Customization.

    2. Thanks Tony Thomas for the reply, appreciate and helpful.
      We in our organisation, using version 8.49 .
      And through Branding App package in code, we have passed our own custom message and passed the dynamic values. With reference to this am asking can we do the same in 8.53.


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