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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Adjusting Timeout and Auto saving of PeopleSoft page

I was working on a requirement where for some particular self service pages which are exposed to the public, I need to extend the time out of that particular component alone as there are many data entry fields and it is obvious that the user will be taking more time to fill out the form. While working for the same, another requirement came in picture from the users that, the page needs to be saved after particular time frame.

Obviously the first thing which came to mind is tweaking of delivered javascript libraries, however it is going to be a customization and will be having a global impact. So thought of having a custom javascript for the particular page alone. There are many scripts available over the net to tweak the time out or to do an auto save functionality.

However I came across a simpler article which provides the script to do both the functionality, tweaking timeout as well as autosaving. I thought it will be worth sharing it over here so the readers could also make benefit of it.

The script is coded to make a save after specified time and then do a time out again after the same time frame. You could tweak the script to achieve the timeout immediately after the save or some other way based on your requirement.

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