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Monday 28 October 2013

PeopleSoft Active Analytics

PeopleSoft Active Analytics

Are you been into the business of writing custom codes to handling certain events in PeopleSoft applications such as firing an email or error when a certain product is added by procurement or notifying a employee and the manager when he is being promoted? If that is the case, PeopleSoft has brought forward an online technology with which you could handle all these events.

With PeopleSoft Active analytics framework, you only need to write the code once and attach your code to related component or application engine programs. The rest all is decided based on the configuration which the actual business user could go in and configure by himself. With the change in each and every business policy, you could just visit the configuration page and add the logics or event to be fired at each stage.  So with this framework in place, you need not re-write the code with each and every change in your business practice. You can do all these within a matter of minutes by going to the configuration page and setting up the appropriate configurations.

If you have not already started playing around with this smart decision making system, start now. You could get started with the PeopleBooks. If you need more in depth knowledge on this concept, refer Active Analytics in CRM PeopleBooks.

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