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Saturday 7 September 2013

In-Memory Project Discovery

The buzz words for the decade were “Big Data”, “Unstructured Data”, “In Memory Database”, “Analytics” etc… There were a lot of research and development going around the world around these concepts. Most of the bigger software vendors and startups have already come up with some solutions in these lines for enterprises. One of the major in-memory application available in the market for enterprise application is SAP’s hana. After the acquisition of Sun, Oracle was also following the line with their exa series of machines.

The good news for the PeopleSoft customers is that Oracle has released its first in-memory engineered system for PeopleSoft Project Costing, Program Management and Resource Management (FSCM suite). You might have noticed the term engineered system, it’s how Oracle markets its hardware and software integrated system. For the PeopleSoft In-Memory Project system, the PeopleSoft system is integrated with Oracle middleware (Endeca) into the Oracle hardware (exalytics). The engineered system as a whole delivers extreme performance and analytic powers. The middleware is so powerful that the analytics is done in extremely capable manner. Since the data set is hosted in silicon memory in the exalytics machine, the response time for the queries is much faster than you can imagine.

Watch out the below video for an overview on the new in-memory product from PeopleSoft.

The PeopleSoft Project Discovery which is now available for the customers is designed in much appealing dash board format. The senior officials of an organization will be quickly able to find out and filter various aspects of projects running on the organization in efficient manner. The additional capability includes performing a combined search on your structured and unstructured (eg. Attachments) project data and bringing up the information based on the relevance which was a nightmare earlier.

The project discovery also helps the Resource Managers to quickly and efficiently find out resources across the organization for a project. Based on the criteria, various analytics of the resource such as utilization, geographical spread etc are brought up immediately with a mouse click. There are much more functionality offered in the suite which will definitely be a handy tool for project managers, resource managers and senior officials.

To have an illustration on how this helps your company to get ahead of the industry, read the below article from PeopleSoft strategy blog.

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