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Sunday 25 August 2013

Mouseover Popup Pages in PeopleSoft

When you are browsing over internet, you might have seen web pages which will show a single dotted underline over certain words or texts in the page. Once you hover your mouse over such words, you can see that an explanation of the word pops ups in a small rectangular region as an additional layer over the existing page and once you changes the mouse pointer, the context popup is also gone. Have you ever thought that what happens if this feature is available in PeopleSoft? Yes, now this feature is available in PeopleSoft and is called as Mouse over Popup Pages. Currently PeopleSoft delivers mouse over popup pages for Applicant and Employee details in HRMS and Sold To, Bill To and Ship To customers in PeopleSoft FSCM.

What this means is, in selected pages, whenever you hover over an employee id in the page, a popup page displaying the details of the employee will be displayed to you.

Fig 1. MouseOver popup Page (image from PeopleBooks)

Right now the mouse over popup pages are limited and any addition of the fields to these pages are considered as customization.

Are you interested in creating similar popup pages for fields which are not delivered by PeopleSoft? It is a simple 3 step process. Follow the below steps to have your own popup pages assuming you have a tools version of 8.53 or higher.

Step 1: Create a page with the details you need to be displayed. Make sure the keys of the primary record of this page are also present in the context where you use it.

Step 2: Save the page and set the page type as Popup Page in the page properties.

Fig 2. Page Settings

Step 3: Now open your transaction page and select the field to enable popup. On the Page field properties of the selected field, go to the USE tab and Select Mouse Over Popup Option as Page Popup  and provide the page name you have created in the previous step. Make sure all the keys required for the popup page is present in the context.

Fig 3. Page Field properties

Now that you have enabled a related content as the popup page for a specific field, what if my popup is always constant or I may want to display some sort of help text. If that is the scenario, then it is much simpler. You need not have to create a popup page. Instead you can create a message catalog entry and provide the Mouse Over Pop option as Message Catalog Popup  and provide the message number (step 3 of above process).

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