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Wednesday 24 July 2013

Popup Menu

PeopleSoft provides an option to process extra logics or page transfers without disturbing your existing page real estate with the help of pop-up menus. This will be of very much help if your page is already complex and cluttered with so many objects. If you are on PeopleTools release of 8.52 or higher, you have got a much better alternative to popup menu called related action (click here to read more about related actions). However for institutions still running on lower tools release, this will be of much help.

You can associate a popup menu to an existing field on your page, so that a small popup icon appears next to that field. Clicking on it will open the list of menu items defined in a modal page. You can select the action/component from the modal page so that you are transferred to a new page or your business logic is executed.

Configuring or creating a popup menu is an easy task. You can follow the seven easy steps to implement a popup menu for your page.

       Step 1: In app designer go to File > New and select Menu

      Step 2: On the option that follows select Popup.
      Step 3:  Double click on the menu to add an item to the popup menu. This is similar to adding a component or bar item to a standard menu.

     Step 4: Select the type of action. If it is a simple transfer to a new page, select Transfer. If you are planning to execute your code, then select PeopleCode.

     Step 5: If you have selected Transfer option, then provide the details of the page, menu, component and action.

    Step 6: If you have selected PeopleCode option, then right click on the menu item and select View PeopleCode. It will open the Menu Item selected PeopleCode event. Write the logic or code you plan to implement over here. You can use PeopleCode option to recalculate any amounts or any other similar activities.

     Step 7: You have successfully created a popup menu. Now you need to add it to a page field. For that open the Page Field Properties of the field you plan to implement the popup menu. Go to the Use tab and provide the name of the popup menu you have just created in Popup Menu edit box.

With the seven steps you are done with the implementation of a popup menu, you can go ahead and test the page now J .


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