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Friday 1 March 2013

Searching for Component Navigation

Most of the times when you do impact analysis or finding definition references, you will be ending up at a point where you have the component name but does not know where in the PIA it appears.

To tackle this situation, traditionally people are following a method – executing a sql statement to figure out the path. The sql will be similar to the below one.

SELECT a.portal_name || ' >> ' ||
       e.portal_label || ' >> ' ||
       d.portal_label || ' >> ' ||
       c.portal_label || ' >> ' ||
       b.portal_label|| ' >> ' ||
       a.portal_label AS Navigation
FROM   psprsmdefn a
       left join psprsmdefn b
         ON b.portal_name = a.portal_name
            AND b.portal_objname = a.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn c
         ON c.portal_name = b.portal_name
            AND c.portal_objname = b.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn d
         ON d.portal_name = c.portal_name
            AND d.portal_objname = c.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn e
         ON e.portal_name = d.portal_name
            AND e.portal_objname = d.portal_prntobjname
WHERE  a.portal_reftype = 'C'
       -- Parameter to set: Provide the component name
       AND a.portal_uri_seg2 = '&Component'

Now peopletools has delivered a mechanism whereby you could find the navigation online itself. To use it navigate to : Enterprise Components > Find Object Navigation

All you need to do is enter the component name and click on search. It contains more option as link to directly open the component, search for pages and content references. For those who don’t like the sql method, this will be a greater relief.

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