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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Enabling Rowlevel security in PeopleSoft

Enabling Rowlevel security in PeopleSoft

You will know that you can enable security components by means of roles and permission lists. This means you won’t be able to access the component itself if you do not have permission granted for that page. But consider a scenario where you might be given access to the component but you may also want to prevent the user from selecting a particular data in that component. This is known as rowlevel security; Securing the row of data from the entire table. PeopleSoft has delivered a mechanism to secure the data at rowlevel. I will discuss on a very high level on how you can achieve this in PeopleSoft.

Although rowlevel security is an option provided by PeopleSoft, it is very restricted. That is you have only few fields for which this option can be enabled. And as you guessed these are the most important fields in the package. The fields which you can secure in PeopleSoft FSCM are Business Unit, Setid, Ledger, Book, Pay Cycle, Planning Instance and Project.

You can provide security by two means either by individual users or by permission list. You Should navigate to Setup Financials/Supply Chain > Security > Security Option and then select which security option you need and which all fields you need to provide the security.

Once you have selected the above option, then you need to populate a list which will map the Field Value and Permission List/User ID (based on your selection above).

Each field has two pages to store the list of secured values;one for the User ID and one for Permission List. You can find these pages in the navigation Setup Financials/Supply Chain > Security .

You need to open the corresponding pages based on your selection at first step. You need to provide the allowed values in the list as shown in the below screens.

Once you have done this most of your job is over. Now you need to run a process to apply the security settings.

Go to: Setup Financials/Supply Chain > Security > Apply Security Steps and run the process.

Once you run this process all your prompt views will be automatically replaced with new views which will apply the security selections you have done.
PeopleSoft has by default identified and delivered almost all areas where the rowlevel security needs to be implemented. If you want to add your own areas then you have the flexibility to do so.

Navigate to Setup Financials/Supply Chain > Security > Security View Names there you can specify the prompt view name to be used for all the three security options selected.

System will use the Search Text name to find the views to be replaced when you run the process. The existing view will be replaced with No Security View if you have selected “No Security” option in the first step. Similarly the system will be replacing with User ID Security View and Permission List Security View as per the selection on the first step. The last field will specify for which field this view needs to be applied as prompt view. While creating your own views you should make sure that your views point to the list records provided by peoplesoft for permission list or user id.

You can extend or leverage the existing feature to extend the security feature for other critical fields based on your business requirements.


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