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Thursday 17 January 2013

People Tools Tables - Metadata

I thought of giving a brief idea of how a developer can cash in the knowledge on tools tables.
PeopleTools tables are database tables where all the metadata of the application are stored. It is sometimes handy to query the tools tables to find out answers rather than to going by app designer. For example, if you want to find all the tables which have used record ABC as a prompt table, you just need to write a query similar to below.

Select * from PSRECFIELD where editable = ‘ABC’;

Similarly you can use PSXLATITEM table to quickly find out the translate value of a field. PSROLEUSER can be used to find out roles assigned to a user. If you are doing a production support, you could insert rows to this table instead of going to the portal and assigning roles. This saves much of your precious time. PSOPRDEF can be queried to find out the user account details, to quickly check if the account is locked out, emplid etc… PSAUTHITEM can be queried to quickly find out the permission list to page linkage.

If you start using tools tables, it makes the life of a developer much easier. Always ensure that you do not modify the structure of these tables otherwise it could severely impact your application.

If you are looking out for more tools tables check out this link.

For a detailed list of all tools tables, you can refer

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